Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data

Name: Jaka Mo─Źnik
Nationality: Slovene
Birth date: 30. 3. 1977, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Languages: native Slovene, fluent English, decent German, tolerable Serbian and Croatian, and basic Spanish
E-mail: jaka at gmajna dot net


1991-1995 Secondary school Gimnazija Novo mesto, Novo mesto.
1995-2000 Undergraduate student at University of Ljubljana at Faculty of Computer Science.
May, 2001 B. Sc. in Computer Science; Thesis Load Distribution in a CORBA Environment [in Slovene: PostScript].
2001-2003 Postgraduate student at University of Ljubljana at Faculty of Computer Science.
November, 2007 M. Sc. in Computer Science; Thesis Increasing Availability of Service Providers By Relaxing Consumers' Non-Functional Requirements [in Slovene: PDF].


Programming languages (extensive knowledge) Java, C, Go, Scala, C++, and Perl
Programming languages (basic knowledge) C#, Objective C, {Java,Coffee,Type}Script, Python, Ruby, Pascal, Fortran 77, Prolog, Common Lisp, PHP, Mathematica, PostScript, Bourne shell, and Motorola 68k and NEC SX assembler
Development platforms Linux/BSD/other unices, Android, J2*E, .NET, VxWorks, Windows
System administration Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX
Technologies and tools Go, J2*E, Android, .NET,
web services (REST, SOAP), Play 2 Framework, WildFly, Glassfish,
MySQL/MariaDB, Postgresql, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis,
CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, Git,
Docker, KVM,
Pacemaker, RHCS,
GNU build tools: autoconf, automake,
*/IP, Ethernet, Infiniband,
(La)TeX, Docbook, UML,
Emacs, Eclipse, Netbeans.


2013-present at Koofr:
  • cloud storage system architecture, emphasis on high availability and security,
  • infrastructure, provisioning, tuning, maintenance and monitoring of deployed systems,
  • Android app development,
  • backend services development,
  • an occasional web frontend tweak.
2005-2014 at XLAB:
  • design, implementation, deployment and monitoring of a mission critical telemedicine system used in transfusion medicine,
  • design and implementation of an I/O forwarding system for off-the-shelf Linux-based compute clusters (with NEC HPC Europe).
  • design and implementation of high-performance Infiniband network abstraction layer for the Portals 3 communication library (with NEC HPC Europe).
  • port of GNU binutils and GCC to NEC SX vector supercomputer architecture (with NEC HPC Europe).
  • design and implementation of a distributed server architecture and an interactive client for 3D visualisation of geographical data, with data being fetched from the Internet in real time as the user navigates through the environment in order to visualise and inspect results of simulations of natural phenomena (e.g. river flooding, etc.) in realistic environmental context.
  • design and prototype implementation of a framework for dependable service composition in large, globally distributed service-oriented systems in FP6 research project DeDiSys; the framework includes a dependable discovery service and a system for dynamic formation of agreements on non-functional (QoS) properties of the composed services.
  • design of an architecture and data model for a web portal for management of certificates of origin of electrical power traded in local power markets,
  • design of algorithms for specific NP-hard network flow optimization problems used to model prices of electrical power in local power markets,
  • design and implementation of real-time analysis of ECG signal with DSP algorithms,
  • design and implementation of a system for fully automated remote installation of an in-house Debian-based Linux distribution on dedicated servers used by XLab's ISL product.
  • design and implementation of a computer network monitor Argus, used to monitor in-house servers and cluster nodes.
1998-2008 Contributing to the Gnome Project:
  • core developer and maintainer of the GnomeMDI API throughout the 1.x versions of the Gnome core libraries,
  • initial developer and maintainer of GHex, a binary file editor,
  • maintainer of GGV, the Gnome PostScript viewer,
  • contributor to ORBit, a free CORBA 2.2 compliant Object Request Broker then used by Gnome,
  • contributor to Bonobo, the Gnome Component Framework,
  • a myriad of small bug fixes and minor hacks.
2000-2005 at Active Tools:
  • for Axceleon, Inc:
    • design and implementation of the next generation of EnFuzion clustering software,
    • porting and testing EnFuzion on various new combinations of OS and hardware platform, including Linux on IBM zSeries, Linux and HP-UX on Itanium 2 and Linux on AMD Opteron,
  • for IskraTEL, d.o.o.:
    • porting Linux kernel and basic userspace utilities to a custom PowerQuicc III based board; design and development of drivers for the PQ3 network core,
    • design and implementation of a web-based licence management system using MySQL and Apache Tomcat,
    • design and implementation of network backup software for data on embedded telecommunication systems using the Java 2 platform,
    • design and implementation of networking and telecommunications system software running on VxWorks OS,
    • performance analysis of network protocol stacks in Linux and VxWorks operating systems,
    • lecturing IskraTEL developers on embedded and real-time Linux software development,
  • for Turbolinux, Inc.:
2002 Designed and implemented a new version of MINT, a UNIX/X11 application for recording and displaying temperature and humidity data from climatic test chambers, featuring better integration with GNOME desktop, enhanced printing and plotting capabilities. This version is used at pharmaceutical company Lek d.d. and has also been validated by the FDA.
1998-2001 Worked part-time at the Jozef Stefan Institute at Department of Digital Communications and Networks, where I have developed a set of tools for visualization and editing of voxel-based 3D models, which were used for displaying and editing a 3D model of human heart, derived from the Visual Human Dataset data. The model was then used for simulation of heat transfer during an open heart surgery.
1999 Reviewed book Writing Gnome Applications (ISBN 0-201-65791-0) by John R. Sheets for Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.
1999 Designed and implemented a UNIX/X11 application for recording and displaying temperature and humidity data from climatic test chambers. The application has been validated by the FDA and is now used at pharmaceutical companies Lek d.d. and Bayer-Pharma.
1998-2000 Designed and maintained a WWW site for the Danube PCU at

Areas of Interest in Computer Science

Distributed and parallel computing (architecture, (micro)services, dependability, high-performance networking and storage, monitoring), operating systems, computer security, programming languages, computer-human interaction.

Related Areas of Interest

Privacy and security, mathematics.

Selected publications

Jaka Močnik, Marko Novak, and Erich Focht, "I/O forwarding for quiet clusters," In: High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2011, Michael Resch, Xin Wang, Wolfgang Bez, Erich Focht, Hiroaki Kobayashi, Sabine Roller, editors, Springer 2011. ISBN: 978-3-642-22243-6

Piotr Karwaczyński, Jaka Močnik, "IP-based Clustering for Peer-to-Peer Overlays." Journal of Software, vol. 2, no. 2, p. 30-37, August, 2007.

Piotr Karwaczyński, Jaka Močnik, "Self-Optimization of a DHT-Based Discovery Service." In: Proceedings, International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, [ICCGI 2007], March, 4-9, 2007, Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, IEEE Computer Society, 2007, 7 p. (Best Paper Award at ICCGI07)

Jaka Močnik, Marko Novak, Gregor Pipan, Piotr Karwaczyński, "A discovery service for very large, dynamic grids." In: Proceedings, Second IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, [e-Science 2006], December, 4-6, 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands, IEEE Computer Society, 2006, 8 p.

Jaka Močnik, Roman Trobec, Borut Robič, "Integration of load balancing in CORBA environment." Parallel algorithms appl. (Print), vol. 18, p. 99-105, 2003.

Complete list of publications...


1994 First place in national high school competition in English language. I was awarded a two week advanced course in English in London, which I didn't take since it coincided with a Pink Floyd concert in Vienna.

Other interests

Sailing, cooking, travel, running, skiing, movies, literature, philosophy.

jaka at gmajna dot net, 2016-10-04